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About Dvds

Dvds is, a family run, 100% Irish Film / Movie rental, business.We are located In the lovely, historic village of Rathmullan, County Donegal, Ireland.

(Town of 'The Flight of The Earls'.) We have been involved with the Movie industry since 1991. All our Dvds / Movies / Films, are rental discs. Dvds is fully licenced by the I.F.C.O. (Irish Film Classification Office.) licence Number 395/11.

If you have any queries, you can contact us:

Phone: 074 91 58401
00353 74 91 58401

Mobile: 085 16 21 32 6
0035385 16 21 32 6

We built our website in such a way as to make it as easy as is possible for all users to use,or to search for a Film, or your favourite actor or actress, --ie:if you know only part of the Film / Movie or actor / actress name, just type it in the search bar, (eg. Daddy -- all the films with the word 'Daddy' in them will be shown, this is also the same for searching for the Actors / Stars.) If you click on the Actor / Stars name that is in 'blue' in the box on top right hand side, all the films that the Actor was the main star will come up –and if you type or copy and paste, the actors name into the search bar, all the films, that we have, that the actor was in, will come up. Go on Try it !

It is our intention to make your experience on our wesite,enjoyable, without any complications, and very user friendly.

We endeavour to have any complaint sorted the same day.

Our goal is to have 100% Customer Satisfaction.

Tips: If you pause your Dvd Player for a short while and you then press the play button to continue watching, and the film seems to be out of sync with the speech / sound, just rewind for 2 to 3 seconds and this problem should be solved.